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Will Trump’s or Clinton’s Tax Plans Help Your Business?

Whether it’s “Family First” or “America First,” small business owners say economic policy is their chief concern heading into the presidential election.

In Manta’s most recent election poll, small business owners rated economic policies, health care reform and immigration policies as the most important factors in voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Asked which major-party candidate was best for small business, 39% said Trump, 28% said Clinton and 34% were undecided.

081616_Trends_Will Trumps or Clintons Tax Plans Help Your Business chartThe poll was taken the week both candidates stopped in Detroit to unveil their economic proposals. Those speeches were likely redundant: 66% of Manta’s survey respondents—roughly the same percentage already settled on Trump or Clinton—said they needed no further details about the candidates’ economic plans before casting their votes.

For the 19% of business owners who said they wanted more detailed proposals from the candidates, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the key points from the Clinton and Trump economic plans.



Trump Economic Plan

Clinton Economic Plan


Make childcare a 100% tax-deductible expense

Eliminate the carried interest deduction

Eliminate the estate tax

Cancel all but 3 tax brackets: 12%, 25% & 33%

Limit business taxes to no more than 15% of income


Expand the Child Tax Credit

Eliminate the carried interest deduction

Raise the estate tax rate; lower the exemption

New tax credits for companies offering paid apprenticeships

New tax credit to encourage more companies to share profits with workers

Expand and make permanent the New Markets Tax Credit

End loopholes: Bermuda reinsurance, retirement account shelters, and misclassified capital gains loopholes

Institute 30% effective rate for millionaires

End corporate tax write-offs for outsourced jobs

Add exit tax for U.S. companies moving headquarters overseas


Temporarily pause new regulations and review previous regulations

Targeted review of certain regulations: Environmental

Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, EPA’s Waters of the United States, and Department of Interior’s mining permit moratorium

Cancel the Climate Action Plan

Cancel Paris Climate Agreement

Stop all U.S. payments to U.N. global warming programs

Repeal the Affordable Care Act


Raise the minimum wage

Require paid family leave under the Family Medical Leave Act

Cap childcare costs at 10% of family income

Strengthen Wall Street reform

Make college debt-free; allow borrowers to refinance student loans

Provide incubators and training to 50,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in underserved communities

Double Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund

Double funding for small businesses through the State Small Business Credit Initiative

Strengthen the Affordable Care Act; add a public option plan


Renegotiate NAFTA

Withdraw from the TPP

Label China a currency manipulator


Stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages

Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/2bbQIOc

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