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Nurse fired after questioning Botox source, unemployment judge finds

A registered nurse was fired under false pretenses after she made a legitimate inquiry into the source of wrinkle-reducing Botox medication for patients, an administrative law judge decided last week. The nurse, Sheena L. Waterhouse, was fired Aug. 25 from her job at Avalon Laser Inc., a medical spa in San Diego. A week earlier, she

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Beth Burns wins wrongful termination lawsuit vs. SDSU

Former San Diego State women’s basketball coach Beth Burns won her wrongful termination lawsuit against the university Wednesday, receiving a $3.35 million judgment from a San Diego Superior Court jury for whistleblower retaliation after complaining about potential Title IX violations. The trial lasted four weeks. The five-woman, seven-man jury deliberated two days before voting 9-3

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Preventing Artificial Intelligence Discrimination: Google Outlines A Strategy For ‘Equal Opportunity By Design’

Artificial intelligence can be just as biased as human beings, which is why experts are trying to prevent discrimination in machine learning. In a new paper, three Google researchers note that there is no existing way to ensure—as the White House calls it—“equal opportunity by design,” but they have an idea. “Despite the need, a vetted

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Trying to avoid assault and harassment is taking more out of you than you realize

A recent article offering men advice about how to proposition a woman wearing headphones—encouraging them to block her path to prevent her from ignoring them—rightfully provoked a major backlash. But the backlash also brought a certain phenomenon to wider public attention: the fact that women sometimes wear headphones as a way to avoid unwanted approaches

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The National Park Service is melting down over harassment charges in its 100th anniversary year

It is known for its giant sequoia trees, towering granite ridges and tumbling waterfalls. But one of the West’s most majestic national parks has now become the latest cauldron in an unfolding scandal over workplace harassment that has rocked the national parks system. Just days after the abrupt retirement announcement last week of Yosemite National

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U.S. to Track Religious Discrimination and Bullying in Public Schools

The U.S. Department of Education announced new protocol earlier this summer in dealing with religious discrimination or bullying in public schools by requiring public schools to report instances of religious discrimination. The Department’s Office for Civil Rights created a new page on its website that outlines students’ rights and provides other resources on religious discrimination

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Report: Voters with disabilities are treated like “second-class citizens” at the polls

Kathy Hoell has been living with disabilities for 35 years and the lack of accessibility at polling stations still irks her. After a traumatic brain injury, she now uses a wheelchair, with limited use of her right side, no use of her left side and the inability to write or handle papers. “So, I am one

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Airbnb Promotes Diversity to Prevent Booking Discrimination by Hosts

Airbnb Inc. is taking steps to promote more inclusive lodgings on its site after facing accusations from renters who say they were discriminated against by hosts because of race or other characteristics. The room-sharing company said Thursday it would minimize users’ photos during the booking process; require antibias training for its employees; push hosts to

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IMPORTANT: What is ransomware? 1 in 3 small businesses ‘clueless’ to the danger

A third of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no idea what ransomware is or how devastating the malware can be, highlighting a series lack of understanding which could seriously harm today’s companies. According to new research released by antivirus firm AVG on Tuesday, too many businesses are unaware of how dangerous ransomware can be

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Racial Disparities In Wages Boil Down To Discrimination

Racial discrimination, it seems, is like the salt that’s left in a pot after water boils away — much easier to identify in the absence of the other things. That was one of the big takeaways from a report released this week by the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank in Washington, D.C. Researchers were

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Weight discrimination may worsen young teens’ emotional problems

For overweight adolescents, experiencing discrimination or bullying in the first year of middle school may contribute to emotional issues seen in the third year by worsening loneliness and anxiety, a U.S. study suggests. “We know that heavier youth are likely to be dissatisfied with their bodies at any one time,” said lead author Jaana Juvonen

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Judge Rules Banning Dreadlocks In The Workplace Is Not Discrimination

A federal appeals court has ruled that banning an employee from wearing their hair in locs is not racial discrimination. In a 3-0 decision, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a cased brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against a company that refused a hire a woman because she wouldn’t cut off her

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Eugenics and Equality Can’t Mix

From the perspective of the disabled and their advocates, we are living in a schizophrenic culture. On the one hand, we are striving to eliminate discrimination and create a society that is welcoming, understanding and inclusive of the largest minority group in the country – a society where having a special need is not a

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Genius Bar doesn’t hire retired Apple engineer, fires up age discrimination debate

In an editorial about workplace biases in The New York Times, the author addressed age discrimination giving as an example ex-Apple engineer J.K. Scheinberg attempting to get a job at an Apple retail store as a customer support representative at the Genius Bar. Scheinberg was a long-time Apple employee and was responsible for the first

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How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava. It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. Once it was a geek with

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Becoming Disabled

Not long ago, a good friend of mine said something revealing to me: “I don’t think of you as disabled,” she confessed. I knew exactly what she meant; I didn’t think of myself as disabled until a few decades ago, either, even though my two arms have been pretty significantly asymmetrical and different from most

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Keeping Faith Without Hurting LGBT Students

Creating and sustaining a religious community is essential to the educational mission of Christian colleges and universities. They typically rely on codes of conduct that govern the behavior of students and faculty in line with their religious teachings. At many Christian schools, these codes include prohibitions against some kinds of sexual conduct and expression, including

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California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Amended

New California Fair Employment and Housing Act regulations that went into effect April 1, 2016, requiring employers to have a discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and prevention policy also set new benchmarks for mandatory sexual harassment training procedures. Since its enactment in 2005, California’s AB1825 has governed mandatory sexual harassment training by employers. AB1825 requires employers with

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Why Twitter Can’t Shake Its Harassment Problem

The most public-facing social network struggles to find a balance between free speech and user safety Twitter Inc. has been working hard lately to shake its reputation as a haven for harassment. The social network recently banned a notorious troublemaker and instituted a “quality filter” to limit responses users can see. Earlier this year, it improved

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US takes aim at blasphemy laws, religious discrimination

The Obama administration is highlighting concerns over laws against blasphemy and apostasy that limit religious freedom in Muslim and other nations where they are on the books. The State Department said in its annual report on global religious freedom released Wednesday that these laws, notably in Muslim countries, can abet societal and religious passions that

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Sexual harassment still a reality in the workplace

The U.S. may be on the verge of electing the first woman president and women are making gains in the workplace, but the high-profile case involving a newswoman’s lawsuit against Fox News CEORoger Ailes has put a spotlight on an issue that experts say still remains an all-too frequent reality in the workplace: sexual harassment. Former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson filed

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Study: Sexual Harassment Frequent Among Middle School Students

At least 1 in 4 middle school students say they’ve experienced unwanted verbal or physical sexual harassment on school grounds, often in the hallway or even in the classroom, according to new research published Sunday. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign surveyed nearly 1,400 students from four Midwestern middle schools on whether they had

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Here’s Proof That Age Discrimination Is Widespread in the Job Market

Age discrimination is pervasive in the U.S., despite laws that prohibit it. And the older you are, the more discrimination you face, according to the authors of a National Bureau of Economic Research study out Monday. Older women have it particularly tough. Baby boomers started turning 65 in 2011, and each day about 10,000 more hit

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Will Trump’s or Clinton’s Tax Plans Help Your Business?

Whether it’s “Family First” or “America First,” small business owners say economic policy is their chief concern heading into the presidential election. In Manta’s most recent election poll, small business owners rated economic policies, health care reform and immigration policies as the most important factors in voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Asked

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Why You Should Not Ask a Muslim Woman to Remove Her Hijab

I am a Muslim woman and an American citizen. I wear the hijab as an expression of my free religious choice and yet I encounter much resistance. From having neighborhood boys motioning that I exit my vehicle, to road users scowling at me, to my mother telling me stories of getting the infamous middle finger

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The Cross African-American Parents Must Bear

“Cover him, Lord. … Allow him to still be here with us, Lord. Still with me, Lord. Please, Lord, wrap your arms around him,” prayed Diamond Reynolds, Philando Castile’s girlfriend, after he was shot. These senseless deaths in the hands of police rip at the heart of every African-American parent – indeed, every parent. President

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How to protect your financial apps from getting hacked

There’s been no shortage of high-profile hacks over the last few years — think Target, Sony and Ashley Madison — but one sector that hasn’t made as much news for breaches is financial. According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, out of the 781 data breaches tracked in the United States in 2015, just 71

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Judicial Reform Could Mean Greater Attention on Mental Health, Disabilities

When Eddie Ellis talks about the 15 years he spent in prison for manslaughter, he relives the frustration and depression of being punished while behind bars for actions he attributes largely to his dyslexia and epilepsy, and he wonders why he wasn’t treated for his disabilities instead of disciplined. Criminal justice reform is on the

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At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions and Fears of Reprisal

In 2006, after nearly a decade at CNN, Rudi Bakhtiar came to the Fox News Channel’s headquarters in New York with a command of foreign policy, an appealing personality and a delivery that easily switched between light and serious. After a six-month freelance arrangement, the network signed her to a three-year deal. Pretty quickly, she

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Millions of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You’re Typing

A newly discovered set of wireless keyboard vulnerabilities can let hackers take over your keyboard and secretly record what you type. It’s called KeySniffer, and it spells death for millions of wireless, radio-based keyboards. According to security researchers at Bastille, the so-called KeySniffer vulnerability affects wireless keyboards that use a less secure, radio-based communication protocol

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Over 50? Where The Candidates Stand On Issues That Matter To You

Voters age 50 and older are expected to turn out in force in this, the mother of all presidential elections. We offer this guide on what the three presidential candidates still in the race have had to say about the issues of key importance to this voting bloc: Social Security: The gift that we hope

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ADHD is now classified as a specific disability under federal civil rights law

The U.S. Department of Education has issued guidelines aimed at preventing schools from discriminating against the growing numbers of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In a letter to school districts and a “know your rights” document to be posted on its website Tuesday, the department said schools must obey existing civil rights law to

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How Women Are Harassed Out of Science

When Joan was an undergraduate, in the 1970s, she asked her boyfriend why one of his roommates was finishing up a Ph.D. while another, in the same department, still had several years left. “Barbara’s rigid,” her boyfriend said. His other roommate, Karen, had slept with her advisor, but Barbara refused to sleep with hers. Chuckling

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L.A. will pay a white parks worker nearly $3.8 million in a racial bias lawsuit

Five years after a white city parks worker accused a former supervisor of disparaging his skin color, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a multimillion-dollar payout to satisfy a court judgment in the racial discrimination lawsuit. The council voted unanimously Wednesday to pay former gardener James Duffy nearly $3.8 million plus accrued interest

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Cheerleaders, Until They See Their N.F.L. Paychecks

AS the National Football League starts a new season, millions of Americans will settle in for the next five months to enjoy the thrill of pro football. Forty-five percent of those fans are female, and the league has spent millions of dollars in recent years trying to increase its appeal among women. And yet, one

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From Discrimination to Sexual Violence, a Flood of Complaints From Classrooms, Campuses

The number of civil rights complaints stemming from colleges, universities and K-12 schools has ballooned, with a majority related to the alleged mistreatment of students with disabilities. A new report from the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, titled “Delivering Justice,” says the office in fiscal 2015 processed a record 10,392 complaints, opened more than

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To Save Our Justice System, End Racial Bias in Jury Selection

THE Supreme Court ruled correctly on Monday when it found that Georgia prosecutors in Foster v. Chatman had illegally barred African-Americans from serving as jurors in a death penalty trial. But the decision does not end racial discrimination in jury selection. The best way to do that is to limit the number of jurors that

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10 Jobs You’re at Risk of Losing as You Age

Many people want to delay retirement in order to improve their retirement finances. But working during your 60s and even until you’re older isn’t always possible, especially if your job requires significant physical strength or cognitive abilities that tend to decline with age. A recent study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

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Wrongful Termination: Was Your Firing Illegal?

If you’ve been fired from your job, how do you know if the termination was legal or illegal (called “wrongful termination”)? Most employment is “at will,” which means an employee may be fired at any time and for any reason or for no reason at all (as long as the reason is not illegal). But

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Know Your Protections from Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Do you believe that you have been a victim of gender discrimination in the workplace? You have specific protections under the law against this type of treatment, just as victims of race and age discrimination have. 

Anti-Bullying Training is Now Required in California

The problem of bullying has gained considerable national attention over the past few years. While much of it is focused on children and teens, bullying is also an element of workplace discrimination in California. In response, the state recently enacted a law requiring employers to include “abusive conduct” prevention training in their already mandatory sexual harassment

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How Special Education is Changing in California

Disability discrimination in California has remained an issue, especially when it comes to the education of children with special needs. This is because in most schools, students are separated from one another based on their disabilities.

6 Tips to Solve Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Despite the fact that it’s been illegal since 1967, many employees are still dealing with the effects of age discrimination in the workplace. Based on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, it’s against the law for employers to provide unequal treatment to those age 40 and above in terms of hiring, firing, benefits, pay and

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New Laws are Protecting the Rights of LGBT Californians

While sex- and gender-based discrimination have been prohibited since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the LGBT community has not always enjoyed protection under this statute. Lawmakers in California are seeking to address this shortcoming with a number of bills specifically targeting LGBT rights.

Recognize These Nine Signs of Age Discrimination in Employment

When we think of discrimination in the workplace, we often tend to think of the gender or ethnicity-based kind. The recent economic downturn had a huge effect on another type of discrimination, however. Older Americans have been experiencing increased levels of age discrimination. Some find themselves pushed out of their old job for unclear reasons,

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Race Relations in California Are Better Than Anywhere Else in the US

The results of a recent poll reveal that almost two thirds of people believe that race relations in California are currently better than anywhere else in the US. Although these results suggest an improvement on previous opinion, a racial discrimination lawyer in LA is available if you have experienced problems arising from racial prejudice.

Men Still Aren’t Receiving Standard Paternity Leave in the US

As a new father, U.S. law has provision for you to take paternity leave from work. Despite this legislation, male employees often face resistance or hostility when needing time off. Evidence suggests that as a new father you are likely to be vulnerable to discrimination from your employers. If you believe that you have already

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The New Ways Employers are Discriminating Against Older Workers

California has numerous laws in place to protect potential job candidates from hiring practices that discriminate against older workers. Many companies still discriminate against older workers, choosing to hire younger workers instead based purely on age. This happens more than you might think. In fact, Facebook had to settle a lawsuit with the Fair Employment and

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How to Begin a Lawsuit Claiming Workplace Discrimination

If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination and wish to have redress, then there is a formal process that you need to follow. With the exception of discrimination relating to the Equal Pay Act, the legal process requires you to file a Charge of Discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC).

These California Laws Protect You From Sexual Discrimination

Citizens of California have some of the best protection against sexual discrimination when it comes to the laws in our country. This is in part due to the organization Equality California, which was formed a decade ago to help protect LGBT Californians.

Why is Sexual Harassment Still a Problem in 2015?

Sexual harassment remains a significant problem in 2015. If you have been the victim of such abuse in California, you may well benefit from the help and advice of a sexual harassment attorney in LA.

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