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Just How Prevalent Has Sexual Harassment Been in the Workplace?

With more than one-third of all U.S. female workers experiencing some form of sexual harassment in the work place, the practice may be more common than you think: When conducting a study on the prevalence of sexual harassment in American companies, psychologists Louise Fitzgerald reached startling conclusions, finding that between 40 and 60 percent of women

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The Prevalence of Disabilities Can Increase Discrimination Against Poorer Socioeconomic Groups

Throughout the world, ten percent of the population lives with a disability. Find out whether you should hire our attorneys by finding out more about the prevalence of disability discrimination. Approximately 650 million people have a disability. Although disabilities cross all socioeconomic groups, the world’s poorest people show higher rates of disabilities than their wealthier

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The Connection Between the ADA and The Rehabilitation Act

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are two pieces of legislation that are designed to end discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Find out how these two laws work together and, if violated, where you can contact an L.A. disability discrimination lawyer. When ADA was written in 1990, the Rehabilitation Act

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5 Steps for Fighting Sexual Orientation Discrimination

While protections against discrimination based on real or perceived sexual orientation vary from state to state, no matter where you live there are legal remedies. To proceed with a sexual orientation discrimination suit, contact a sexual orientation discrimination attorney and follow these five steps. The first thing to do if you are considering taking legal

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3 Acts That Protect You From Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Aging is not a flaw. It’s a natural process that happens to everyone equally, and it’s no reason to receive substandard treatment in the workplace. Specific legislation is in place at both the state and federal levels to mandate equal opportunity. Our age discrimination attorney in LA can answer your questions about these three acts.

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You are Protected from Discrimination by the Unruh Civil Rights Act

In the state of California, you are protected against discrimination by a business under the Unruh Civil Rights Act. Here is what you should know about this important piece of legislation before contacting a disability discrimination attorney in California. Passed in 1959, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, which is also known as California Civil Code

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What is Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination can manifest in a number of different ways. Know when to contact a disability discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles by learning these five types of disability discrimination.  A disability cannot be used as the basis for a work decision of any type. Examples of employment-related decisions that may constitute disability discrimination include firing,

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