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5 Steps for Fighting Sexual Orientation Discrimination

While protections against discrimination based on real or perceived sexual orientation vary from state to state, no matter where you live there are legal remedies. To proceed with a sexual orientation discrimination suit, contact a sexual orientation discrimination attorney and follow these five steps.

Sexual Orientation

Arm yourself with knowledge about your state’s laws on sexual orientation discrimination. Source: Pixabay

  • The first thing to do if you are considering taking legal action is to begin collecting potential evidence. This can be in the form of emails or phone messages that you receive. You will also want to make a rough outline of a possible witness list.
  • When collecting your evidence, be sure to gather information that points to good job performance in addition to anything that proves discriminatory practices. Positive job reviews, emails that commend your performance, or any other sort of positive correspondence can help prove your case that you were unjustly discriminated upon.
  • Check with your company to learn more about your formal grievance policy. You want to be sure that you are originating your complaint with the correct department and that it is going through the correct channels. It is also a good idea to refresh your knowledge on other general company policies.
  • If you do find that your company has a policy that prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation, the best way to begin your complaint is within the company itself, typically by contacting the HR department.
  • If, on the other hand, you find out that your company does not have an official sexual orientation policy, start by learning more about your state’s laws and consider filing a claim with the appropriate agency.

Following the appropriate steps can help you build a stronger case. To learn more about your legal rights in California, contact our sexual orientation discrimination attorneys in L.A. at Jackson & Associates.

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