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Case Study: Gender Discrimination Against Females at Mattel

Gender discrimination can happen anywhere, from a large corporate office to a small startup. One woman believes that she faced such discrimination and is taking action:


This Mattel lawsuit deals with the practice of gender discrimination in the workplace, which is legally prohibited. Source: Pixabay

In 2002, Julie Andres, who goes by Jules, was hired at Mattel, the largest toymaker in the world. After working her way up the corporate ladder, she became a corporate communications executive. Throughout her time at the company, Andres boasted an exemplary employee record and received one of the highest employee recognition awards.

For years, Andres had worked under Lisa Marie Bongiovanni and had even filled in for her on three occasions. When Bongiovanni left the company in 2013, however, Mattel brought in a new employee, Dallas Lawrence, to replace her, despite the fact that he had never worked at a large public corporation.

Soon after he was hired, Lawrence gave Andres an assignment, which he followed with a derogatory comment and a threat. On another occasion, Lawrence mentioned that he joined Mattel for “hookers and cocaine.” Other women in the office were soon complaining about Lawrence’s behavior, alleging that he treated them all “like secretaries.” At least one female employee left the company as a result.

In March, Andres brought her complaints to human resources. That same month, she was terminated from the company. Mattel claims that she had already been on a list of employees to let go before the complaints were made. Since then, Andres has applied for two positions at Mattel that she is well qualified for, but she has not been contacted by the company.

Gender discrimination can have serious consequences. If you believe that you have been a victim of discriminatory practices, contact our L.A. Gender Discrimination Lawyers at Jackson & Associates.

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