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Discrimination 101: The Basics of Gender Discrimination

Although women’s roles in society and the workplace have changed dramatically over the last few decades, there are still a number of stereotypes about women that can lead to  discrimination. Here are some of the basics of gender discrimination:

Gender in the Workplace

You can be a watchdog for occupational sexism to protect the rights of your coworkers. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Gender discrimination, which is often also referred to as sexism, is any action taken as a result of mistaken belief about gender roles. Gender stereotypes have developed over the centuries to define how a stereotypical man or woman “should” act. Women, for example, are believed to be softer, more nurturing, and lack physical strength. If a woman behaves in a way that disproves this idea, she often feels some sort of societal backlash.

These stereotypes can have dangerous consequences. For example, there is a phenomenon called stereotype threat that can cause people to act in a way that reflects the stereotypes of their gender. On a math test, for instance, women may perform more poorly because of stereotypes that women’s quantitative skills are not as well-developed as a men’s.

Despite all of the progress, there is still evidence of gender discrimination today. Occupational sexism is one frequently reported problem. This term refers to any discriminatory practices based on gender that are taken in the workplace. Examples of occupational sexism include lower wages for women and the glass ceiling effect, which limits how high a woman can rise in the organization. Sexual harassment is another common form of occupational sexism and can be the result of male employees feeling as if they are dominant over female employees.

Stereotypes about gender can lead to a wide variety of discriminatory practices. If you believe that you have been the victim, contact our Gender Discrimination Lawyers in LA at Jackson & Associates.

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