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How Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Change Your Workplace

Gay marriage is now legal in 36 states, and with the remainder likely to follow suit shortly, now is the right time to consider the implications of same sex marriage on your workplace. At the very least, you should be aware that for any problems you might encounter, help and advice is always available by retaining the services of an L.A. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyer.

Gay Marriage

In California and 35 other states, gay marriage is now legally binding and has certain implications to your employers. Source: morgueFile

Your Tax Status and Financial Provisions.

Once married your tax filing status will change and your employer will be required to process changes to the W-4 allowance forms.

If employment linked policies and benefits have provision for spouses, then, once married, Gay Employee’s partners will require coverage. Your pensions, healthcare coverage and life insurance will require amendments and updating.

Entitlement to Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) provides that employers must offer employees leave to care for spouses. Once married, this provision is also afforded to your same sex partners.


Once married, same sex couples will have protection against prejudice from employers who don’t approve of same sex partnerships or gay marriages. Any discrimination on these grounds can be considered unlawful; and may be grounds for a claim.

Confidentiality and Privilege

Certain confidentiality agreements prohibit disclosure of details to third parties apart from your spouse. Breaches of such agreements tend to result in severe penalties. Marriage means that you will be free to discuss such matters with your same sex partner without fear of this threat. Likewise, in legal representations, attorney-client privilege can also be extended in the presence of your partner. This is not possible for unmarried couples.

Need advice about how gay marriage will affect you and your workplace in California? Then you will certainly benefit from the services of our L.A. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyer. Contact us at Jackson & Associates.

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