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How to Recognize Age Discrimination in Your Workplace

Employment in most workplaces is “at will”, meaning your employer doesn’t need a reason to fire you. What he cannot do is fire you on the basis of your age. Protect yourself by knowing the law and recognizing when you need the services of our Age Discrimination Lawyer in L.A.

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Enforce your right to work, no matter your age, because you are protected under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Source: Pixabay

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act covers hiring and firing as well as other job-related issues such as promotions, job assignments, benefits and training. Employers with 20 or more employees cannot state a preference for a particular age group unless it’s a specific part of the job requirements.

How do you know if age discrimination is occurring? Start by examining the overall practices in your workplace. If older workers are subject to layoffs or denied benefits while younger workers are not, that is a strong indication.

Some employers are more obvious in their actions. Have you ever received negative comments in reference to your age, or heard talk about bringing in a younger workforce? This could form a solid case for age discrimination, especially if you have written evidence like emails or witnesses who are willing to testify.

Be sure to consider the official reason given for the action if you are fired or laid off. If your employer says termination was based on poor job performance or other negative behavior and has proof to back it up, that will likely weaken a claim of age discrimination.

If you believe you have cause to claim age discrimination, start gathering all your evidence. Be as specific as you can, providing dates and names of witnesses along with written documentation whenever possible.

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Contact us for expert assistance from our Age Discrimination Lawyer in L.A.

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