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Minorities, Women and LGBT-Owners are Breaking Into the Business World

In a drive to counter prejudice in the marketplace, recent interventions are helping to encourage the procurement of services from minority groups, particularly Lesbian and Gay entrepreneurs and business owners.

LGBT Owners

Minority enterprises such as LGBT-owned businesses are now being protected with new California legislation. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

New legislation which came into effect on Jan 1st, places an obligation on utility companies to track their expenditure on LGBT businesses. The intention is to make sure that these minority businesses are not overlooked when it comes to consideration for contracts. You should note that this does not represent a change to existing discrimination law. If you believe that you have been the victim of prejudice here in California, then you should seek advice from a sexual orientation discrimination attorney in L.A.

Increasing numbers of high profile companies have already begun tracking the quantity of  business contracted out to minority enterprises.

  •  Marriott International has reported spending $4.5 million on goods and services supplied by LGBT business last year.

In terms of Federal law, as a LGBT business owner, you are not afforded the same recognition as other minorities and receive poor consideration when it comes to giving out government contracts worth $500 billion. This issue is being addressed through outreach efforts designed to raise the profile of  the sector and to provide engagement with those responsible for awarding contracts.

  • This approach is starting to bear fruit, with organizations such as the NFL now actively promoting the interests of  LGBT business.

If you own an LGBT business and  require the services of our sexual orientation discrimination attorney in L.A., then contact us at Jackson & Associates. We’ve been fighting for the rights of wronged individuals since 1988. We’ll review the facts of your case, and ensure you receive superior representation for your case.

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