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New Laws Against Workplace Discrimination in California for 2015

While it would seem there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to discrimination, nothing is farther from the truth. Here’s what’s new in California workplace discrimination laws 2015 in regards to harassment, retaliation and discrimination protection. Most went into effect with the new year, and many focus on immigration-related protected classes.

California Workplace

Being knowledgeable about new California laws for 2015 will protect you from discrimination in the workplace. Source: Pixabay

  • Even those who may not be getting paid will see the scope of their protection expanded this year. Unpaid interns and apprentices are extended discrimination protection under AB 1443, and also receive religious belief protection.
  • AB 60 granted certain persons the possibility of obtaining a driver’s license even if they are undocumented provided they meet certain requirements, but that’s not the focus here. AB 1660 expands the rights of people affected by AB 60, stating that those who hold a license obtained in this fashion may not be discriminated against.
  • Unfair immigration practices are expanded to include filing a false report or threatening to do so with any state or federal agency, and no longer just the police, under AB 2751.
  • Employers are not allowed to treat employees or potential hires differently if they have applied or receive Medi-Cal under AB 1792. Employers may also not disclose who is receiving Medi-Cal.
  • Companies with more than 50 employees are to add a component covering “abusive conduct” to the mandatory prevention of sexual harassment training requirement.
  • Anyone who has been convicted of sexual harassment of an employee, or employed someone they knew had been convicted of sexual harassment of an employee in the last three years may not be issued a farm labor contractor’s license under SB 1087.

Navigating the seas of discrimination law takes experience and knowledge of California’s workplace discrimination laws 2015. Contact us at Jackson & Associates today and we’ll help you with your possibly actionable offense.

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