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New Laws in California are Fighting Discrimination in 2015

New California legislation coming online in 2015 will place an even greater emphasis on the fight against discrimination in the state. If you think you have a cause for action in the new year, make sure you consult with a Discrimination Lawyer in L.A.

California Laws

The State of California is adding expansions to employment discrimination legislation to protect more people in the workplace. Source: Pixabay

  • The State of California has expanded the definition of those who are protected from discrimination in matters of housing. Unpaid interns and volunteers, those with driver’s licenses issued to and undocumented person and employees receiving public assistance are now protected.
  • Companies that employ a minimum of 50 employees must provide at least two hours of harassment training once every two years. The prevention of abusive conduct has been added to the sexual harassment component.
  • Employers must now provide every full-time employee with 24 hours of paid sick time per year. The Healthy Families Act of 2014 is perhaps one of the most complex laws of the new year, at least from an employers’ perspective. It required sweeping changes to major areas like payroll, record-keeping and employee notification.
  • In an effort to streamline the workers’ compensation and disability claims processes, physician’s assistants are now allowed to certify a person’s disability pursuant to unemployment insurance benefits.

Knowing how your rights are protected is important when you live and work in California. For help navigating the legal currents of discrimination, contact us at Jackson and Associates. We are your top option when it comes to Discrimination Lawyers in L.A., helping people right the wrongs of prejudice and harassment, as well as handling your case with the professionalism you deserve.

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