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Recognize the 4 Types of Racial Discrimination

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has made racial discrimination illegal since 1964. Unfortunately, this behavior still exists in some workplaces today. Discrimination can take several forms from overt to subtle. If you’ve experienced one or more of these treatments, seek advice from a racial discrimination attorney in L.A.

Types of Racial Discrimination

It may often be difficult to distinguish the forms of racial discrimination, benefit from legal information. Source: MorgueFile

  • Direct racial discrimination refers to unfavorable treatment based on your ethnicity. Those who have experienced direct discrimination are usually able to offer examples where people of a different racial makeup have received better treatment in a similar circumstance.
  • Indirect racial discrimination occurs when a company or organization has a rule that appears neutral on its surface. However, in practice it serves to single out people who can’t meet the requirement due to a practice within their racial group. For example, a company rule barring headgear would negatively affect men who wear turbans or yarmulkes.
  • Victimization is when unfavorable treatment is used as a means of “punishing” an individual. It occurs after the individual has raised objections about discrimination or supported someone else who has. This is similar to the so-called “whistleblower” law that affords protection to those who are harassed after exposing illegal activity or misconduct in a company or organization.
  • Harassment arises when others in an organization embark on a course of conduct that creates a hostile environment for an individual. The person may be singled out due to race or ethnicity or simply because he or she is not a member of the majority ethnic group.

Let an experienced racial discrimination attorney in L.A. from Jackson & Associates help you stop this treatment no matter what form it takes. Please contact us and take the first step to obtain legal relief.

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