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Recognize These Nine Signs of Age Discrimination in Employment

When we think of discrimination in the workplace, we often tend to think of the gender or ethnicity-based kind. The recent economic downturn had a huge effect on another type of discrimination, however. Older Americans have been experiencing increased levels of age discrimination. Some find themselves pushed out of their old job for unclear reasons, and still others have experienced problems finding employment.

age discrimination laws in california

Look out for these nine signs of age discrimination during your employment. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their age, but many do not know the exact legal definition. For someone to successfully sue in such a case under federal law, they must be over the age of 40, and the employer they are alleging discriminatory practices against must employ at least 20 staff. Some states do have laws that expand on those guidelines, which is why it is important to consult with an attorney if you feel you have been the victim of age discrimination in LA.

Aside from the basics, here are nine signs to look for. If you see any of these going on around you, start documenting their occurrence.

  • Biased comments are perhaps the most obvious sign that there may be age discrimination taking place. Is your employer asking you (jokingly or not) if you are looking forward to retirement? Do you get called names related to your age, such as “grandpa,” or “old man?” Do they tease you about your age?
  • Does it seem like younger employees are getting treated differently? When it comes time for layoffs, are older employees seemingly targeted more? If younger, less experienced staff is retained when senior, more experienced staff is let go, that may indicate a problem.
  • When company policy gets broken, is the reaction of your supervisor the same, or are younger staff given more latitude than older staff? If there is a pattern of disparate reactions to the same offense, document it. If there is clear evidence that older staff was treated more harshly, this can also be a sign of age discrimination.
  • Are younger people moving ahead in the company at a higher rate than older employees? One instance may not indicate a problem, but if older employees are consistently passed over, there may be clear evidence of discrimination.
  • Do you see younger employees getting all the advantages? Are they getting better assignments, better leads or better equipment?
  • When it comes to hiring practices, does the younger applicant always get the job?
  • Do you feel like your perceived competency level changed after you reached a certain age? Did you seemingly go from a great employee to a doddering old fool on your performance reviews?
  • Are you being excluded from key meetings that are comprised of mostly younger staff, or feel like you are being left out of decision-making processes that you were involved with before?
  • Do you sense that your supervisor is trying to create a hostile work environment in an effort to get you to quit?
  • Sometimes people feel like they are suffering from age discrimination in LA, but feel they have no recourse because their boss is older than they are. The age of the harasser is largely inconsequential. If their behavior indicates age discrimination, start logging it.

Age discrimination in LA can take on many forms, but no matter what it is still illegal. If you feel that you have been victimized due to your age, contact Jackson & Associates. We are dedicated to making sure you get the best representation possible for your discrimination case.

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