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Retirement: When Your Golden Years are Spent in the Workforce

A long and happy retirement surely represents the light at the end of most peoples working lives. But is it still a realistic prospect?

Retired Worker

Many recent changes have made it necessary for retirement aged people to continue in the workplace longer than expected. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

The continued growth of an aging population will inevitably mean a squeeze on social security retirement benefits. That together with a reduction in the amount of retirement saving, makes the prospect of you relying on social security for long term support increasingly unlikely. There is also the suggestion that social security retirement benefits will increasingly be seen as a supplemental income rather than a main source.

While this may sound gloomy, many are optimistically re-defining their expectations for retirement. Many of retirement age are encouraged to remain in work longer, often seeking out career changes, or entrepreneurial opportunities. With a little imagination and a little forward planning the possibilities are endless, you may even find yourself in a position to take advantage of your hobbies and interests to achieve a source of income. Such  a trend will certainly relieve the pressure from the social security system and may well have a life enhancing effect on those who would otherwise be destined for retirement. Here, the critical factor is in the perception of wanting to work rather than having to.

It even appears that people over 65 are increasingly driving workplace changes, as age discrimination fades in the face of increasing numbers of part time employees over retirement age. Of course there will still be occasions when you may well encounter it, but fortunately, here in L.A., age discrimination attorneys are on hand to help overcome such prejudice.

If find your way forward obstructed by discrimination, don’t allow small time attitudes to go unchallenged. Contact us at Jackson & Associates. L.A. Age DiscriminationAttorneys,

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