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Sexual Harassment 101: What You Need to Know

Sexual harassment may be easy to spot when it happens, but it rarely lends itself to an easy definition. Understanding the concept and how it can be applied, however, is important in today’s workplace. If you think you may have suffered, or you are suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace, contact Jackson & Associates, your L.A. Sexual Harassment Attorneys.

Harassment in the Workplace

You can overcome harassment in the workplace through legal knowledge and protection. Source: Pixabay

Those affected by sexual harassment may be experiencing:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Request for sexual favors
  • Other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature

Harassment doesn’t have to be simply sexual in nature to fall under the penumbra of sexual harassment. A woman can also be suffering from it if she is subjected to frequent jokes or comments that are derogatory in nature based on her gender. There can be a fine line between isolated jokes, comments and other incidents, which by themselves may not rise to the level of prohibited behavior, but when taken together could constitute an environment of harassment.

Some of the myths about harassment are that the harasser and the person being harassed must be of opposite genders; or it must be supervisor or manager harassing a subordinate; or that the person being harassed must suffer economic injury in order to file suit; or that only the person who is being directly harassed is the only person who can sue. In fact, the harasser may be creating a hostile work environment harassment for one or more co-workers, who have the right to sue as well.

If you feel that you have been made the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact Jackson & Associates, the L.A. Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Los Angeles.  Let us help you navigate the legalities of sexual harassment.

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