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Sexual Orientation Causes More Discrimination Than Race

A survey has suggested that in California you are are more at risk of harassment and prejudice because of your sexual orientation than for any other reason including your race.

California survey

The statistics are in regarding harassment in California, and the results may surprise you. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

The 2013 National School Climate survey from the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network surveyed 888 students from California and found that abuse based upon your sexual orientation was more than twice as likely to occur than racism, and four times more likely than disability discrimination.

The survey demonstrates that the largest group, some 69 percent had suffered some form of verbal abuse within the last year, and that for 29 percent this had escalated into physical harassment. Disturbingly 14 percent reported being the victim of an actual physical assault. This inevitably coincides with students suffering depression, low attendance and poor academic performance. Fortunately, here in California the victims of such behavior can seek help from Sexual OrientationDiscrimination Attorneys in L.A.

Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender students also appear to have a tougher time in rural areas, since Implementation of non-discriminatory policies and support lags far behind urban areas. In fact, it highlights actual resistance and hostility in some institutions to establish groups such as the Gay and Straight Alliance (GSA) to facilitate change and progress. This is unfortunate as the presence of a GSA appears to coincide with reduced levels of discrimination.

If you have suffered harassment or abuse as a result of your sexual orientation; and would like to discuss your experience with a Sexual OrientationDiscrimination Attorneys in L.A., please contact Jackson & Associates.

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