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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Runs High Among Teachers

Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender teachers are at high risk of prejudice and possible dismissal because of their sexual orientation. Recently steps have been taken federally to address such discrimination; however, this falls short of protecting those in the teaching profession. As a teacher you remain under the scope of state and local law, which is both inconsistent and inadequate. Fortunately, here in California you can benefit from the help of a Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorney in L.A.


In the teaching profession, you may be hesitant to be open about your sexuality to avoid sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. Source: Pixabay

As a LGBT teacher, you will likely feel that you are between a rock and hard place. If you decide to be open, you run the considerable risk of abuse and losing your job. If you remain quiet about your sexuality, then you may well suffer stress, disengagement and feelings of isolation.

Despite the potential consequences, like many teachers you may decide to be open about your sexuality. You could consider that without the fear of accidentally giving yourself away and become more effective in your role, particularly in teaching subjects such as art and literature which often address issues surrounding sexual orientation.

As a teacher, another benefit of being open about your sexual orientation is that you are a living argument against prejudice and discrimination. By personalizing LGBT, it becomes more difficult to justify discrimination and hate crimes when they are directed at real people rather than just an abstract concept. This in turn should create a safer environment for LGBT students who still report unacceptable levels of prejudice and intimidation, leading to a heightened level of problems ranging from poor academic performance to suicide.

When looking for a discrimination lawyer in L.A., make your first call to Samuel G. Jackson, Jr. and our team at Jackson and Associates. We’ve been fighting for the rights of wronged individuals since 1988. We’ll review the facts of your case, and ensure you receive superior representation for your case.

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