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The Connection Between the ADA and The Rehabilitation Act

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are two pieces of legislation that are designed to end discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Find out how these two laws work together and, if violated, where you can contact an L.A. disability discrimination lawyer.

ADA and The Rehabilitation Act

The American Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitations Act are written to legally protect against discrimination for persons with disabilities. Source: MorgueFile

When ADA was written in 1990, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was a great influence. Although the Rehabilitation Act included laws designed to end discrimination, they were interpreted so narrowly that Congress believed, on their own, they weren’t enough. The ADA was designed to broaden protections. ADA, therefore, focused primarily on discrimination, while the Rehabilitation Act continued to offer additional services, such as help with employment.

When ADA was reauthorized in 1992, the Rehabilitation Act was also amended. As a result the goals of each piece of legislation better defined and more understandable. Today, both laws are predicated on an assumption that most people with disabilities can still work. Therefore, both laws make it illegal to discriminate in any way against qualified individuals with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Act adds further guidelines for federal employers; and also offers vocational services, including job training and placement.

Both Acts require employers to make reasonable accommodations to help individuals with disabilities to competently perform their jobs. If making these accommodations proves to be too costly for the employers, state vocational services may offer assistance.

By working together–The ADA and The Rehabilitation Act–offer a robust set of laws and programs that can help end discrimination in the workplace against  people with disabilities. If you think that your employer has violated either of these laws, contact a L.A. Disability Discrimination Lawyer at Jackson & Associates to learn more about our services.

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