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The Penalties are High for Gender Discrimination

Discriminating against an employer based upon gender can come with stiff penalties. Here are some of the possible remedies for sex discrimination that you can receive after working with your Gender Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Penalties for Gender Discrimination

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  • If the court rules that the victim of gender discrimination has lost money as a result of the discrimination, the employer may be responsible for wages since the date of his or her wrongful termination, or unfair denial of a promotion. However, the discriminatory act must be within the statute of limitation period.
  • A court may also choose to grant the victim of discrimination front pay. Front pay is a way to compensate an employee for lost wages going forward. This is often granted when the lawsuit has poisoned the work environment to the point that reemployment is not possible.
  • Out of pocket costs can also be reimbursed. If, for example, an employee was found to have been wrongfully terminated and the terminated employee had to pay for health insurance while unemployed, the cost of the insurance may be paid back.
  • In some cases, gender discrimination issues can be resolved by injunction relief. Examples of this type of remedy include the reinstatement of a job or the granting of a previously denied promotion.
  • A fifth way that victims of gender discrimination could potentially be compensated is through the reimbursement of court costs or attorney fees.

With these potential benefits, a victim of gender discrimination in the work place can be financially compensated. If you would like to speak with our Gender Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles about your case, contact Jackson & Associates to learn more about your legal rights.

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