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The Prevalence of Disabilities Can Increase Discrimination Against Poorer Socioeconomic Groups

Throughout the world, ten percent of the population lives with a disability. Find out whether you should hire our attorneys by finding out more about the prevalence of disability discrimination.


Impoverished groups are more likely to have a disability, and in turn they are less likely to earn their way out of poverty due to disability discrimination in the workplace. Source: Pixabay

Approximately 650 million people have a disability. Although disabilities cross all socioeconomic groups, the world’s poorest people show higher rates of disabilities than their wealthier counterparts. On average, 20 percent of poorer demographics have a disability. This means that not only are more impoverished groups more likely to have a disability, they are also less likely to earn their way out of poverty because they have less access to employment, education and public services.

Part of the reason that individuals with disabilities find it more difficult to find employment is because of discriminatory practices. A study of disabled individuals in the United States found that only 35 percent are currently working. Additionally, one-third of employers indicated that they didn’t believe individuals with disabilities could successfully perform required job functions. A second reason that employers report hesitating to hire disabled individuals is due to fear that costly changes may have to be made in order to construct special facilities.

Unions have been working with disabled workers in order to help extend greater services and introduce disability management services. National laws in 45 countries also help to end employment discrimination.

With such a high prevalence of disabilities, discrimination may be more common than you think. If you feel that you have been the victim of disability discrimination, contact us at Jackson & Associates to learn more about our L.A. disability discrimination lawyers.

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