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What is Gender Discrimination and What Does It Look Like?

Gender discrimination takes place when an employee is treated differently based on his or her sex. Find out if you have been the victim of gender discrimination by learning more about this issue.

What is Gender Discrimination

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Gender discrimination can happen in a number of different ways. It can take place in the form of pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, and unequal pay for equal work. Here are some examples of gender discrimination. If you experience a similar situation, you should consider contacting a gender discrimination lawyer in L.A.

  • One of the first places that women may experience gender discrimination is in educational institutions. To legislate equality in the schoolroom, the government passed Title IX in 1972, which requires schools with federal financial assistance to avoid discriminating based on sex.
  • If a woman chooses to start a family, no work-related decisions, including hiring, promotion, or firing, can be based upon her pregnancy. This is protected under an amendment of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which labels discrimination based on childbirth, pregnancy, or related conditions as gender discrimination.
  • For years, pay rates for men have been higher than those for women working the same job. This is illegal and considered a form of gender discrimination.
  • Sexual harassment is a common form of gender discrimination. Sexual harassment can be so severe that the victim is no longer able to do her job due to the inappropriate behavior of others. In some cases, an employer can be held liable for damages caused as a result of sexual harassment.

By knowing more about gender discrimination, you will be better prepared to recognize it in your workplace. If you think that you may have been the victim of gender discrimination, contact a gender discrimination lawyer at Jackson & Associates to learn more about your rights.

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