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What to Do About Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Although modern society has proven that women are fully equal to men, discrimination on the basis of sex still happens. Whether you are discriminated against with lower salaries, reduced opportunities, or something else, here is when you should talk with a Gender Discrimination Lawyer in L.A.

Speak Out

Speak out against gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace with knowledge of your employee rights. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Employees are protected against gender discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This legislation mandates that employees be treated equally, regardless of gender. Furthermore, it is illegal to segregate or classify employees based on gender in a way that affects their employment status.

One of the most common forms of gender discrimination is workplace harassment. Sexual harassment occurs when one employee makes welcomed sexual advances toward another employee. This can be either verbal or physical. If employers recognize any form of harassment in the workplace, they must to fix it. Sexual harassment cannot be tolerated at any level, even amongst co-workers. An employer cannot in any way indicate that sexual conduct is a condition of employment; or that it would help procure a promotion. Other forms of sexual harassment include inappropriate gestures, drawings, or sexual objects.

Most business organizations have written policies for sexual discrimination. It is typically best to start any complaints within your human resources department, using the existing policies as a guide. If these channels do not work, you may consider seeking legal help.

By knowing your rights, you can help end gender discrimination in the workplace. If you are interested in learning more about your legal options, contact us at Jackson & Associates to speak with a Gender Discrimination Lawyer in L.A.

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