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Case Study: Sexual Harassment in the Offices of Zillow

One sales manager has been fired and more changes may be on the way following accusations of sexual harassment in the offices of Zillow. Before it is all over, there will be a very big need for the services of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in LA, it would seem, as the California-based real estate company has been described as having an “adult frat house” culture that could make working there very uncomfortable.

Sexual Harassment in California

In the State of California, you are fully protected from sexual harassment in the workplace. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

The first salvo has already been fired, with Rachel Kremer filing a federal lawsuit against the company. She alleges that she faced numerous incidents of harassment at the hands of the dismissed sales manager, Gabe Schmidt. Those incidents included making suggestive comments, and sending sexually-oriented pictures and messages. The suit also alleges an IT tech and another sales manager engaged in inappropriate behavior.

Schmidt was not the only employee fired, however. Kremer was dismissed previously after being told she failed to meet sales goals for the two months prior to her being let go. However, she had not received any warnings that her performance was putting her job in jeopardy, and another employee hired at almost the exact same time, with similar sales numbers, had not been fired.

Kremer’s attorneys are also the point-men for two more lawsuits against the real estate company, alleging retaliation and refusal to pay overtime against other employees in separate offices.

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