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Identifying the Signs of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at work can seriously impact an employee’s ability to fulfill his or her duties. Here are some guidelines to help you identify when sexual harassment has occurred and whether or not you should contact an attorney.

When Sexual Harassment is Happening

There is no need to continue down a negative path following sexual harassment; protect your rights immediately. Source: MorgueFile

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances or requests for favors that meet one or all of three criteria. The first condition is that submitting to the advance is either explicitly or implicitly tied to employment. The second is that either submitting to or rejecting the sexual advance in some way influences an employment decision. The third guideline is that the conduct unreasonably interferes with the individual’s work or creates a hostile work environment. The most important component when determining whether or not an act is indeed sexual harassment is that the act is unwelcome.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms. Some common examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Any form of unwanted attempted or actual sexual assault or rape
  • Looks and gestures of a sexual nature that are unwanted by the recipient of the acts
  • Inappropriate nicknames. Some examples of inappropriate names include referring to an adult as girl, hunk, honey, babe, or doll.
  • Inappropriate comments can also constitute harassment. These include personal questions about an individual’s sexual life, sexual comments or innuendos, or conversation topics of a sexual nature.
  • Gestures and behavior could be other forms of  sexual harassment. Such behavior could include facial expressions, winking, licking lips, elevator eyes, and staring.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can create unpleasant and even dangerous working conditions. If you believe that you are the victim of sexual harassment at work, contact Jackson & Associates, top Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Los Angeles, for more information about your legal rights.

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