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Sexual Harassment: Know Your Rights

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The bedroom is the only place where I like to lose control.

I was raped. I’ve been sexually harassed. I was afraid to speak out, because I was taught that good girls don’t make a fuss.

The office is one place where sexual nonsense should not be tolerated. You don’t have to put up with lewd comments from your boss. You don’t have to suffer in silence while being objectified. You have legal protections!

That’s why I invited a special guest to give us a lesson in sexual harassment lawsuits. Mike Pospis is a Manhattan lawyer who has represented many clients in sexual harassment suits. He grew up in New Jersey and currently lives in New York City. Mike excelled at math and science and parlayed his Vanderbilt engineering degree and St. John’s law degree into a stint as a patent litigator. After several years of working as an associate at two big firms where he developed and sharpened his litigation skills, he realized that what he longed to do was to be a voice for the disenfranchised and stand in the underdog’s corner, pushing for victory. In 2009 he opened his firm, Pospis Law, to accomplish this goal.

Jincey Lumpkin: Mike, what is sexual harassment?

Mike Pospis: It’s a form of sex discrimination. There are generally two types of sexual harassment.

The first type, known as “quid pro quo” harassment (“quid pro quo” is Latin for “this for that”), occurs where an employee is subjected to unwelcome sexual conduct, such as requests for sexual favors or sexual advances, and the employer uses the worker’s reaction to that conduct as a basis for decisions affecting the employee. An example is where an employee is fired because she refused to sleep with her boss.

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